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"Upgraded version" thread to embroidering farewell "four fear"

2017-08-08 15:05:23

"Upgraded version" thread to embroidering farewell "four fear"

Silk is one of the indispensable raw materials of embroidery works, and the quality of the thread itself plays a vital role in the quality of the finished embroidery. However, most of the current market on the screen, are in the sun, waterproof, anti-brittle, anti-fading problems. Investors who collect embroidery artwork often worry about the possible problems with long-term preservation of embroidery. Because embroidery, although people feast for the eyes, but there is fear of the sun, fear of wet, afraid of brittle, afraid of fade and other technical problems.

Recently, a high-tech "upgraded version" silk thread in the town of China's embroidery art museum for the first time released, Suzhou University Graduate School show fresh fresh Su-line silk color card, each color card has three colors, by the deep To the shallow, followed by arrangement, through the segment dyeing technology to create the thread, full of fashion. It is the Suzhou University graduate workstation (town lake) one of the stage results, it is not afraid of light, not afraid of water, not brittle, not fade, very durable, is expected to fundamentally change the embroidery process.

Traditional silk "four fear"

The quality of the thread itself plays a vital role in the quality of the finished embroidery. "Most of the silk thread on the market, in the sun, waterproof, anti-brittle, anti-fade there is inherent deficiencies." Zhenhu street party secretary, embroidery association art consultant Qin Huaiyu said that the current commonly used protective measures, Inlaid in the glass frame, which in turn brought other problems. "Glass may have remnants of variegated, and may be reflective, hindering people to appreciate the 'character' of embroidery works.

According to Qin Huaiyu introduction, the traditional embroidery with a few lines: silk, yarn, gold, silver, cotton and cashmere and so on. Which is the basic line with silk thread, gold and silver lines are used to embroidered gold plate dragon, yarn used to embroidered fabric pillowcases, tablecloths and children's clothing and other daily necessities, cashmere, in the past to use more than slack yarn, and now embroidery But rarely used. Pigment stained with plant pigments, durable; with mineral pigments dyed color line, easy to fade. Therefore, the embroidery more choice of scientific methods dyed non-fading lines, in order to achieve the purpose of durability.

Repeated trial help "upgrade"

According to reports, in December last year, embroidery master Zhou Haiyun Yunfan Embroidery Crafts Co., Ltd. with the Suzhou University Graduate School, in the town lake set up a graduate workstations, Zhou Haiyun's daughter Lu Xiaolin began with the Suzhou University researchers work together, from art, Technology to study how to overcome these problems in the silk thread, improve the light, light, water, wear, acid and other indicators.

The researchers also proceeded to improve the dyeing process according to the temperature, proportion, concentration, additives, time variables and so on. After repeated experiments, data analysis and through the later drying experiments, washing experiments and other procedures, the researchers from the dye temperature , The ratio, concentration, additives, time variables and other aspects to improve the dyeing process, after repeated experiments, data analysis, has developed nearly 1,000 kinds of color silk. The researchers sent the silk to the National Silk Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the results show that: the silk color fastness to reach 4 to 5, beyond the national level 3; light fastness to four, and the state of this Not yet established standards. This makes the Soviet Union embroidered in the four famous embroidery again lead.

Silk really good to use, embroidered mothers have the right to speak. "Bright color, soft, is conducive to improving the overall effect of embroidery," "with three hair embroidery, usually scraping with a hand on the broken, and now my hands a little wet, no scratch," "easier to split wire, Into a trace, half silk are very good points, and not rough, "Zhu Shouzhen, Yao Caizhen, Yao Meiying, Chen Hongying and other well-known embroidered mother in the trial of these threads, have issued a praise. And a few Kesi craftsmen also on this "upgraded version" silk wire expressed a strong interest, hoping to adopt.

Develop normative industrialization

To promote the industrialization of the research results, the workstation research team has also developed a standardized color, color card, has now completed a variety of colors of the dye system, and for each color customization of 34 specific levels. This is equivalent to a variety of silk from the name, more conducive to embroidered mother to determine the color, to find the most appropriate thread. For example, a embroidered mother last time in dealing with a particular color, I feel a two silk is very appropriate. The next use, she directly according to the silk 'name' to find it, and do not have to re-judge the line is not the last line. This shortens the embroidery wiring time and improves the wiring accuracy. Thereby improving the overall artistic effect of the work.

"We plan to meet the needs of embroidery practitioners for all colors in two years," says Ning Zhengfa, head of the Graduate School of Suzhou University. "We will be able to meet the needs of embroidery practitioners for all colors. Push these threads into the market. "


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