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Gold and silver fabric ingredients

2017-07-21 11:43:05

Gold and silver silk material refers to the gold and silver silk fabric gold and silver wire composition of the polyester film vacuum plating aluminum layer and then on the color composition should be classified as polyester ingredients and metal composition of the fabric ingredients as long as the yarn to see the fabric.
Modern gold and silver line common varieties are made of polyester film with vacuum crossing LI made. Since the early 1950s originated in the United States, our country began to form industrial production in the 1970s. Now the advantages of this gold and silver: fine, soft, light, bright colors, the price at the end.
Gold and silver fabric composition:
1, polyester gold and silver lines, single layer of polyester film vacuum crossing LI, coated with resin protective film for dyeing fabrics;
2, composite gold and silver lines, for the two layers of polyester film folder layer of LI foil, used for the fabric will be dyed;
3, there are round-shaped gold and silver lines with drama stage clothing, now the clothing (fashion).
4, in addition to "rainbow color gold and silver" for color fabrics, especially decorative fabrics.

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