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Gold and silver line historical sources

2017-07-19 16:41:13

"Tang six Code" recorded a total of 14 kinds of gold, which for the weaving of the "money" and "woven gold" and so on. Song and Yuan Dynasties there have been a lot of the use of gold and silver lines of fabric, such as "Nianjin Fan satin", "woven gold silk" and "satisfied stone loss" and so on. Ming Dynasty [1] "Heavenly Creations" is a detailed record of the traditional gold and silver line manufacturing process. Traditional gold and silver lines are divided into flat gold (or gold) and round gold (or gold) two categories. The gold foil bonded to the paper and then cut into a narrow section of about 0.5 mm into a flat gold line, the flat gold wire spiral wrapped in cotton yarn or silk into a round gold line. ,
Now, some of the high-level traditional fabrics such as China's brocade and the Japanese weaving is still using traditional gold and silver lines. Since the 1940s the development of chemical fiber film gold and silver lines, by the two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film with a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into thin strips.
Later, it produced a polyester gold and silver line. It is a polyester film vacuum aluminum, the appearance of coated with colorless or colored transparent coating, or the vacuum coated aluminum polyester film and non-coated aluminum polyester film laminated, and then cut into flat wire, plus different Color of the paint can be made of two-color gold and silver or multicolored gold and silver lines. Through the special process can also be made rainbow line, fluorescent lines (see color map). The use of gold and silver lines can make the fabric has a rich and luxurious style. Gold and silver lines require fineness symmetry, bright color, good color fastness, high strength, no knife marks, Naisuan Jian, soap-washing, friction.

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