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Gold and silver line industry standards

2017-07-20 12:01:00

Recently, by the City Information Industry Association organization, drafting, the development of the "Dongyang City gold and silver line group standards" in the national standard information platform released. This is the city of the Association to strengthen the service functions, extend the service content, innovative service means, to enhance the level of service another successful case.

In 2014, the city information industry association staff visited the enterprise found that the city gold and silver line industry in the domestic market share of about seven percent into the international market share of sales also accounted for a large proportion of the formation of Dongyang characteristics block Economy. Due to historical reasons, the industry has no national uniform production technology standards and product quality standards, the industry as a whole product quality uneven; homogeneous low-cost competition is serious, the brand advantage is not obvious. To this end, the City Information Industry Association jointly white tan vacuum coating plant seven gold and silver line enterprises set up gold and silver line professional committee, proceed "Dongyang City gold and silver line enterprise alliance standard" formulation work.

According to the relevant requirements, the Municipal Information Industry Association in July this year, "Dongyang City, gold and silver line enterprise alliance standards" to upgrade, the formation of "Dongyang City gold and silver line group standards", and through the declaration, review, publicity to be released. In the city under the guidance of the market supervision, on October 8 successful filing, the end of the gold and silver industry, "no standard" history.

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