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Gold and silver line of the production process

2017-07-25 12:02:54

step 1: coloring: the dye and resin and solvent mixed together, coated on the surface of a coating process.
step 2: large cut according to the sub-need to do the specifications of the gold and silver, the corresponding raw materials cut into different width of the small rolls of raw materials.
step 3: sub-article: the big cut out of the raw materials into a number of small pieces of finished products or semi-finished gold and silver.
step 4: disc yarns: the yarn from the original paper tube on the plate in the twisting of the applicable bakelite.
step 5: twist twist: M-type gold and silver and yarn semi-finished products twisted together, combined into H, X-type yarn.
Step 6: steaming yarn: the MH, L & J-type gold and silver wire into the steaming basket into the steaming boiler, the high-temperature stereotypes, so that no longer turn.
Step 7: cheese cheese: the twist yarn from the aluminum tube down on the cheese tube.

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