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How to identify high elastic yarns such as pwy or ssy yarns

2017-09-08 11:27:03

How to identify high elastic yarns such as pwy or ssy yarns
Now more and more polyester elastic yarn, and we all called high-elastic wire, I simply sum up here:


embroidery yarn

embroidery yarn

PWY: Korea Huishi and Hangzhou Huishi production, are DTY type, all PET, mechanical flexibility, the yarn itself is flexible, repeated repeated stretching will reduce the resilience of elasticity. Low price
PBT: Some customers called T300, Hangzhou Huishi Shi, Jiangyin, Changzhou production, belonging to a polyester, and ordinary PET slices different. This is a very good two years, but behind several domestic production, 2013 production increased significantly, it is estimated that they should fall into a price war;
T400: DUPONT (DuPont) PTT production of two-component elastic fiber, INVISTA brand is T400, South Korea's Wishi brand is ESS (or ESM), flexible, good recovery, feel soft waxy, Is nearly five years to develop the most successful elastic yarn. Because the domestic production, South Korea has not produced conventional varieties, the domestic consumption is still very large, the price has been very civilian.
SSY: Korea Huisi company PET double-component filament brand, good flexibility, good recovery, feel smooth, drape good. This product has been sold for more than 10 years, the price has been stable, the two years the market once again improved in the women's fabric sales well. Knit use fine Dan varieties are also successful development. Korea and the United States recently launched a high number of high-F number of SSY and high elasticity HSY, and low shrinkage yarn sense FIS and a series of promising market outlook.
SPH / SPY: One-step spinning of SSY, feel and shrinkage and SSY slightly different, the price is cheaper, but the stability is poor.

As the fabric market in recent years, the demand for elastic fabrics more and more, some of the characteristics of spandex fiber has been unable to meet all customers, so more and more polyester factory began to develop polyester elastic fibers. Polyester elastic fiber with acid and alkali resistant chemicals, elastic recovery is good, easy aging, simple processing, good dyeing, flexibility and other advantages, in the chemical fiber woven fabrics, knitting, denim, wool and many other aspects of the development.

In addition, to answer the above questions, PWY is DTY type, the yarn itself is flexible, SSY is FDY type, after dyeing and finishing to reflect the flexibility.


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