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The physical properties of short fibers

2017-09-14 11:54:50

The physical properties of short fibers

embroidery yarn ,S type

Different staple fiber spinning technology has different effects on the physical properties and appearance of the yarn, and even affects the characteristics of the final product.

(1) different spinning method for the yarn structure, short fiber yarn structure and filament is different, first of all the yarn and the internal fiber arrangement, the external structure, including the appearance of the yarn and surface structure. Such as: the arrangement of the fibers on the surface of the yarn; the hairiness of the yarn; the coefficient of friction of the yarn; the characteristics of the yarn; the wear of the yarn and other properties of the surface.
(2) the internal structure of the yarn is mainly the fiber in the yarn body of the entire cross-section and the vertical arrangement of yarn, fiber orientation, elongation,
Displacement and twist internal structure includes: yarn strength; fiber mixing degree; bending strength; compressibility; resilience (with knot tendency).
The above explanation of the structural meaning is not necessarily complete, but provides the complexity of the yarn characteristics.



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