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Uncover the mystery of gold and silver lines

2017-08-24 10:29:43

Uncover the mystery of gold and silver lines

Uncovering the mystery of gold and silver thread Most of the clothing, embroidery, ribbon business is very familiar with the ordinary car line, for the gold and silver lines are little known, due to gold and silver wire metal and can sew, embroidery, ribbon. So give a very mysterious feeling, because the production process than the average line to be complex, the market price is not uniform, there are also very different quality. Here on the gold and silver line of the production process and precautions to make some introduction:
The first step: coloring: the dye and resin and solvent mixed together, coated on the surface of the coating process.
The second step: large cut according to the sub-need to do the specifications of the gold and silver, the corresponding raw materials cut into different width of the small rolls of raw materials.
The third step: sub-section: the big cut out of the raw materials into a number of small volumes of finished products or semi-finished gold and silver.
The fourth step: the yarn: the yarn from the original paper tube in the twist on the application of electric wood tube.
Step 5: twist: M-type gold and silver and yarn semi-finished products twisted together, combined into H, X-type yarn.
Step 6: Embroidery thread: M-type gold and silver wire with a single rayon or polyester silk twist, combined into L, J-type yarn.
Step 7: steaming: the MH, L & J-type gold and silver wire into the steaming basket into the steaming boiler, the high temperature stereotypes, so that no longer spin.
Step 8: cheese: the twist yarn from the aluminum tube fell on the cheese tube. Gold and silver silk series also called gold and silver onion line, gold and silver lines, embroidery line, and so on. The products are made of polyester film and then processed by vacuum aluminum, coated color and other crafts into soft texture, gorgeous gold and silver lines (gold and silver), covering M-type, MH type, MX type, MS type (computer embroidery line) Four series. Colorful: there are: colorful (rainbow), laser, light gold, deep gold, green gold, silver, gray silver, red, green, blue, purple, snow green, black and so on. Products are widely used in weaving trademarks, wool yarn, knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, embroidery, hosiery, accessories, handicrafts, fashion, decorative fabrics, ties, gift packaging and so on.

Precautions for using gold and silver lines:
1, with the gold and silver lines used intertwined, must be carefully washed with water, dry and completely neutral before use, (with particular attention to wool and cotton fabric)
2, nylon and artificial silk dyeing roughly the same, but can not do wool dyeing, high pressure dyeing, refining and bleaching processing, then must be (special order) production.
3, must pay attention to excessive tension.
4, want to do product dyeing, in advance with manufacturers to negotiate.
5, when the problem occurs when the yarn, as soon as possible contact with the manufacturers.
Gold and silver wire high temperature treatment test table comfort hot 135 ℃, 15 minutes dry heat 180 ℃, 60 seconds acid treatment PH.5-665 ℃, 30 seconds, 0.2% acetic acid hot water 0.5% soapy water, 65 ℃, 30 seconds friction 10 3% alkaline treatment PH <9, soda ash, 2g / l, 65 ℃, 30 minutes or more part of the view is not the place, I hope the peer and the industry criticism of the ax is.

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