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What is the difference between metal yarn and metal fiber

2017-07-26 17:33:03

The metal yarn is made of pure metal fiber staple fibers or other materials and metal fiber staple fibers together, the metal fiber is the raw material of metal yarn. Metal fiber filter material (ie, metal fiber sintered felt) is another important area of metal fiber applications. Metal fiber sintered mats are made of extremely fine metal fibers made by nonwoven, stacked with high temperature sintering.
The metal fiber sintered felt forms a pore gradient from different apertures, allowing for extremely high filtration accuracy and greater contamination. Metal fiber mats effectively make up for the vulnerability of metal mesh easy to block, powder filtration products fragile flow of small enough, with ordinary filter paper, filter cloth can not match the temperature, pressure and other characteristics, especially for high temperature, high viscosity , High precision and corrosive media and other harsh conditions.

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