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What is the fabric of metal wire?

2017-08-15 11:49:14

Wire fabrics are generally cotton and polyester or nylon accounted for more than 90%, the rest of the adult wire. Metal wire refers to the metal by high-tech wire drawing into a metal fiber into the clothing and the formation of a high-grade fabric, the overall fabric, the wire about 3% -8%, generally the same level of technology, the wire accounted for The higher the proportion of the more expensive. Because of the implantation of wire, the overall color of the fabric bright, if the metal Guangmang, can reflect the unique metallic luster. But need to note that the characteristics of metal wire fabric is not only in the metallic luster, and there are static electricity, with radiation and other functions, more conducive to all aspects of the body regulation.

What is the fabric of metal wire fabric is introduced

Introduction to the characteristics of wire fabrics

Metal wire fabric is unique in the ordinary fabric which joined the wire, it is precisely because the wire to join, wire fabric has a distinctive feature.

1, the fabric has a metallic luster, and with the light source changes, metal luster will change, flashing metal light, gorgeous and dazzling.

2, the fabric has a morphological changes in the memory function, the shape is easier to shape, wear on the body more type, this feature is also due to the formation of metal bending variability.

3, the fabric can be radiation, very much in line with modern people on the health, the pursuit of environmental protection.

4, the fabric can eliminate static electricity, to avoid the ordinary fabric due to static caused by the embarrassing situation.

5, the fabric has a reflective effect, in the light is very bright light, coupled with the metal wire of its own light, it is Ambilight.

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