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What kind of silver yarn?

2017-07-24 16:26:12

Gold and silver is a physical method will be on the color of the PET polyester film cut into very fine silk!

It is widely used in handicrafts, fashion, embroidery, gift packaging and other industries and weaving wool, yarn, knitted fabric, weaving, weaving and weaving. Materials, woven fabrics, clothing accessories, Zhuang Shibu, sand release and other products processing, is the ideal lining raw materials.

The processing of woven cloth and clothing, showing elegant and generous, noble, gorgeous feeling. However, because the gold and silver line is a physical method in the polyester film vacuum aluminum or vacuum silver after the color processing from the. So the chemical properties of gold and silver lines are not stable, can not be used as ordinary textile fibers.

Gold and silver wire in the aluminum film is not alkali; silver film is not acid, silver film contact sulfide will be black, tensile or heavy friction will lead to metal coating peeling.

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