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glitter power

2017-10-27 16:16:14

glitter power
      Previously, customers will be from the zipper, buttons, lining is strong, durable to identify the quality of a good or bad clothes. Now pick the clothes, in addition to value the useful function of accessories at the same time, whether it has a fashion, popular elements have become a major selling point of clothing. Now many accessories jewelry has been anti-"auxiliary" mainly lead the new trend of fashion. For example, in the clothing design has begun to increasingly emphasize the buttons, hot drilling, sequins, lace, metal fasteners and other accessories important position. Therefore, whether it is high-end wedding dress, or popular fashion ladies and casual wear, the design of the accessories after the embellishment, the grade and value will be greatly improved. "Overwhelming" of the accessories, has become a clothing brand in the fierce market competition in the winning chips.
2010 risk of organic, clothing accessories industry around the market fashion "pulse" to enhance the production of professional level, enhance the ability of independent innovation, strengthen brand building, establish a good image of China's garment accessories industry, guide and promote the entire industry Towards a stable, comprehensive, coordinated, healthy and sustainable direction

Metal fasteners, lace, lace and other categories appear itself to bear a very important decorative features, to the clothing design to add a lot of the original elements do not have

Core Tip: environmental protection, health care, flame retardant and crystal materials flash function, and how to rational use of ergonomic, will be the future development of clothing materials trends and trends.

The functionality of the accessories products has undergone some changes under new market conditions. With the popularity of technology, most of the ancillary products of traditional practical functions and quality level is almost the same, so consumers began to pay more attention to its fashion decoration function. This is the auxiliary industry a new market trends.

At the same time, after 20 years of development, China's garment accessories industry has a considerable regulation, the level of specialization is getting higher and higher, but also cultivate a number of outstanding brands. According to the relevant information, China's garment accessories related enterprises have reached thousands of related practitioners of millions of people, rich product range, formed both to meet domestic demand and have a certain international competitiveness of the complete production system, has become One of the world's major production base of clothing accessories.

From practical to fashion

Now, the accessories are from the "practical function" to "fashion decorative features", accessories design has been integrated into the overall design of clothing, a fashion, the key elements of the popular. "Overwhelming" of the accessories, has become a clothing brand in the increasingly fierce competition in the market to win the key chips.

Personality, characteristics, fashion design is the most want to show the characteristics of clothing in the design of the entire clothing, they also pay attention to zipper, lace, buttons and other details of the popular fashion elements reflected. Accessories on the basis of the original function, more to give the meaning of decorations. To meet the most basic quality requirements and other useful features, the enterprise is more concerned about the fashion accessories, including the style is unique, the design is novel, whether to meet the annual popular color. Among them, the zipper, buttons the most typical.

Clothing zipper decorative and artistic even more than its practicality, has become a zipper products in the apparel apparel industry in the new direction of development. Now the market's new products are color zipper, diamond-studded zipper, flash zipper, zipper style and specifications are also showing a variety, more variety.

Early buttons in the clothing only played the role of connection, now the button, 30% from the connection function, 70% bear the role of decoration. For example, in the design of the details of the cuffs, chest, neckline, pocket, waist, and pants pocket, many times, designers will use different varieties of buttons, play a "finishing touch" decorative role. A flat clothing, often because of a few buttons of the clever embellishment, suddenly seemed different.

Even those who are the most practical accessories, gold and silver lines today began to bear some decorative role. Such as Armani, Zegna's suit series, fashionable decoration has become a very prominent feature of them. Among them, the most prominent means of expression is in the collar and placket, the use of a very bright color lining, such as the orange and the color is relatively dull gray fabric match, so played a striking decorative and embellishment effect.

In fact, in the category of accessories, metal fasteners, ribbon, lace and other categories appear itself, to bear a very important decorative features, to the clothing design adds a lot of the original elements do not have. Moreover, from the current development trend, accessories for the decorative effect of clothing, the future will continue to be emphasized and expressed. And environmental protection functions, health functions, fire-retardant features, crystal materials, flash function, and how to rational use of ergonomic, will be the future development of clothing materials trends and trends. With the continuous development of the industry, in the practical and decorative two functions, the accessories will also assume the health, safety, environmental protection and more and more responsibilities.

From extensive to professional

Complete industrial chain and a high degree of professional refinement of the division of labor, to the lions accessories industry to bring unparalleled low cost advantage. As a representative of the lions accessories industry - Hualian clothing accessories company, rely on unremitting accessories small goods to make a big market, and now, Hualian daily production of more than 60 tons of products, ranking the domestic high-end accessories market. Even in the financial crisis, can still receive a steady stream of orders at home and abroad.

Hualian clothing accessories company in the lead, a large number of hardware, plastic accessories, computer embroidery, trademarks, buttons and other clothing materials enterprises have been established in the local. With the development and growth of the lions garment industry, the city's clothing accessories industry strong growth, small businesses have on the scale, on the grade, formed a "Chinese clothing accessories clothing town" - Baojiao town as the center of the industrial cluster.

Now, the lions accessories industry has more than 400 production enterprises, covering clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, household appliances, as well as cars, mobile phones, computers and other products of decorative accessories, the basic form from the supply of raw materials to die casting, polishing, Paint, finished products such as complete processing industry chain.

Shishi accessories industry is only a microcosm of China's accessories industry. Complete industrial chain and a high degree of professional refinement of the division of labor, greatly promoted the development of China's accessories industry and progress, bringing unparalleled low cost advantage.

From product to brand

Fashion interpretation, so that clothing accessories become "headed flower", even worse that accessories are "the soul of clothing", "clothing skeleton", "clothing support." It can be seen in the clothing on the clever application of accessories, both fully embodies the design of clothing designers wisdom and inspiration, but also fully embodies the fashion personality of clothing. Buttons, hot drilling, sequins, lace, metal fasteners and other accessories, in the clothing design status is more and more stressed.

But the history of development shows that any industry needs to really get a big development need to have a number of brand enterprises driven. Brand building, not only the needs of market competition, but also the industry and enterprises themselves to obtain greater development needs. In China, accessories and clothing industry compared to the development of accessories industry mostly only play the "edge industry" role, by the edge of thinking, the development of accessories industry to a certain extent has been limited, one of the most important is that Brand of the whole "aphrodisiac".

In foreign countries, many enterprises in the accessories industry in the brand building has a great breakthrough to Italy as the representative of the European accessories business, for example, although the scale is not large, but its accessories products rich variety of products, a strong sense of design, Details of the grasp in place, as well as the understanding of the auxiliary materials profound, are the domestic accessories business as a whole do not have. Moreover, Italy, a lot of buttons, hot drilling, lace and other accessories companies are active and downstream products manufacturers with the design of creative products, which is a lot of domestic enterprises to combat a separate contrast.

In fact, the "twenty-eight principle" also applies to the accessories industry, positioning in the high-end clothing accessories to obtain a high profit, and positioning in the low-end clothing accessories can only survive in the cracks. In recent years, the domestic accessories business has been greatly improved, began to advanced development model in line, and strive to produce high-quality, high design content of products, and strive to create their own excellent brand. Among them, as one of the leading enterprises in the accessories industry Weixing accessories company, already has its own design and development team, and always maintain a spirit of excellence to pursue high-quality, high taste, customer service.

The future, the development of China's clothing materials to learn from abroad advanced experience, while playing their own characteristics, to create a good national brand.

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